Trucs et conseils pour une eau de piscine claire par Piscines René Pitre Put some love in your yard with Piscines René Pitre

Buying a swimming pool: a project that needs to be planned!

Buying a swimming pool

Want to offer your family a swimming with this summer? It’s an excellent idea that however deserves some planning before making the purchase. At René Pitre, our experts love sharing their pool knowledge to make your dream come true.

Municipal by-laws

First, check with your municipality for all regulations regarding the installation of a swimming pool. Here are the main regulations:

Choosing the ideal location

You must also plan your pool’s location while taking the following factors into account:

René Pitre tip: draw a plan with your yard’s proportions, place your pool in it and test whether it complies with your municipality’s current regulations

Can I buy my pool now? We're almost there... a few more steps:

Buying a spa

Dreaming of a spa? What a nice project! But before going any further, several steps need to be taken. The experts at Piscines René Pitre will be able to advise you and give you a few tips from a pro to make your dream come true.

Municipal by-laws

Several regulations need to be taken into account, and you need to familiarise yourself with:

Choosing the ideal location

Some constraints need to be taken into account: